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What is a root canal?

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Going to the dentist on a regular basis is needed to keeping your teeth in good shape. However, at times things and circumstances take place that put us in a position where dental procedures are required in order to correct or fix specific issues. One of the most common dental procedures that take places literally thousands of times per month in various dentist offices is a root canal.

You may be wondering what a root canal is and how it can help you which is typical amongst patients. This particular treatment consists of your dentist drilling through a specific chewing surface of your teeth in order to reach the nerve which is located inside it.  This is often referred to as the pulp of your mouth and extends through the root of your tooth and will need to be removed in order to prevent or cure an infection. Skinny metal wires will be inserted inside the tooth and pushed through the base of the root canal so the pulp can be extracted. This will prevent your teeth from being infected in the future or to help prevent sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

After the pulp is removed from the root canal they will be filled with a rubber gel which helps to seal it back off. This will help to prevent bacteria from entering the canal and causing an infection. A chewing surface will be replaced with a temporary filling which will be left on for at least 2 weeks until a permanent crown or filling is done to replace this one. 

The entire root canal process from start to finish will vary from one patient to another including how long it takes for you to become fully numb from the injections. Its advised that you take something over the counter for the pain before the numbing wears off to keep it from becoming too bothersome.