Reviews & Testimonials

- Chris Cole

It's hard finding a dentist in a new place when you're from out of town, so I was lucky to find Dr. Cappetta.

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- Austin C.

Always a wonderful experience when we go to Dr Cappettas office. It’s a private high quality dental practice at low prices so it fits my budget. (Patient since 2008)

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- Elva W.

I had to have an abscessed molar extracted. I was dreading this painful process. However, the only pain I felt during the extraction was the slight prick of the needle to the numb the area. I assumed that I would really feel the pain when the numbness wore off. I was surprised when I had no pain around that area. Side of face was swollen but NO Pain. The only med I needed was one ibuprofen for a slight headache(probably from not eating). thanks Doctor for not making me NOT cry like a baby. You and your staff made this process bearable due to the explanation of each step throughout the process. (Patient since 2003)

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- Irene D.

Hygienist did an excellent job on my teeth. She was friendly and professional. (Patient since 2016)

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- Charles B.

You can't beat the Dr Chris Cappetta team ! We will be seeing them until we die, or they close up shop ! (Patient since 1999)

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- Robert T.

Dr. Cappetta and his team are incredible. They are friendly and extremely professional and proficient at their role. As soon as Dr. Cappetta begins to speak with you the feeling of calmness and "I'm in good hands" takes place. This will always be my "Dental Home". (Patient since 2002)

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- Kelley J.

I have been going to Dr. Cappetta, for several years. The most important thing for me, is that I have total trust in Dr. Cappetta. He & his staff are always welcoming & everyone, from Dr. Cappetta down, are very knowledgeable & personable. I never feel like they are rushing me, to get to the next patient. They are always willing to take time to answer any questions that I may have. I highly recommend them. (Patient since 2007)

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- Leonard F.

I give you a rate of 5 everything was great... (Patient since 2017)

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- Judy B.

Caring, professional dental care! (Patient since 1999)

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- Gabriel D.

Staff is very knows his stuff. (Patient since 2016)

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