SmoothLase: a Giant Leap Forward in Facial Rejuvenation

SmoothLase is a Giant Leap Forward in Facial Rejuvenation  

Accomplished via Fotona LightWalker ATS twin laser.  

It is FDA approved.

Dr. Cappetta uses the energy and power of the electromagnetic spectrum to direct the body to naturally heal and de-age itself achieving significant improvements for his clients.  

This is true unmatched HOLISTIC COSMETICS!  

Most people also opt for bio-stimulation on the outside of the face on the skin to take the anti-aging effect to the next level.

SmoothLase™ is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses a fractionalized (broken-up into a very small grid pattern) laser beam to direct the body's own natural healing process. This will tighten, tone, and lift sagging and wrinkled skin around the mouth, chin, lip, and face areas.  It smooths light to medium wrinkling and improves skin tone by bringing back elasticity, giving you a more youthful feel and appearance.  After you have turned back the clock, maintaining the results through diet, lifestyle, and occasional touch-ups prevents future wrinkles, loss of skin tone and elasticity.

Treatments are applied from inside the mouth, without disturbing the skin surface.  SmoothLase specifically targets the deep structural skin tissues containing your collagen.  Unlike dermatological lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside, the SmoothLase technique tightens and lifts your skin non-invasively from the inside out.

Maintaining the tissue tone, elasticity, and moisture levels of "young" collagen helps prevent wrinkle formation, and promotes a healthy coloration of your face and lips.


Significant Improvement After SmoothLase Treatment

Angle of Lips Improved, Face Fuller, Eye Socket Reduced/Anterior Cheek Higher


How Does SmoothLase Work?  

The laser treatment warms the targeted tissues in a small grid pattern causing:

  • Conversion of irregular, broken down from aging and life, collagen to its regular more youthful form of years past.  This is called remodeling.
  • Activating fibroblast cells to make brand new collagen in your face and lips.

Loss of collagen is the main cause of skin aging, wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and poor skin texture. When healthy collagen is present in sufficient amount, your skin has nutritional support and retains its plumpness, elasticity, and tightness.

You can further help keep your post-treatment results by avoiding the things which damage your skin, i.e. cause collagen breakdown, a.k.a. AGING:

  • UV Radiation (avoid turning pink or red, no sun-burning)
  • Tanning
  • Dietary Toxins
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Alcohol ("1 or 2 drinks a day is A Okay" to keep the cortisol levels down though!)
  • Prescription Drugs Which Dehydrate You (4000+ of them)
  • Poor Diet (Low in anti-oxidants like Vitamins C, E, A, Biotin, Selenium, Lutein, Lycopene)

***Why not have beautiful, natural-feeling skin, instead of the flexible implant feel of dermal fillers and decreasing muscle function from Botox/Dysport/Xeomin treatments needed to reduce dynamic wrinkles.***

How Much SmoothLase Treatment Do You Need? 

Treatment is age based.  In general, one treatment per 10 years of age works well.  For example, a 40 year old would require 4 treatments, 3 weeks apart.  Treatments are given 3 weeks apart to allow the new collagen time to develop.  Collagen continues to be formed for about one month after the last treatment.

*After your course of treatment is completed, Dr. Cappetta advises a collagen booster treatment every 6 months.  How fast your collagen re-ages depends upon your overall health, habits, and lifestyle.  Remember, prevention can save you time and money in most aspects of your life.  So once you go through your rejuvenation, be sure to maintain it.*

Who is SmoothLase Not For?  

SmoothLase is not for people expecting the overdone look of a number of Hollywood types.  It is also not for those wanting the instantaneous results of injectable dermal fillers.  SmoothLase™ is a natural, longer-lasting de-aging process of your face, returning it to an earlier period of your life.  It works the opposite of dermal fillers, like Juvederm, Restylane, etc., and Botox/Dysport/Xeomin.  With those injectable, the healthier you are the faster their effect wears off (part of your natural healing process).  

With SmoothLase, Liplase, and Nightlase™, the healthier you are the longer it lasts.  That is because the laser causes formation of your own, natural collagen and it degrades when health is suboptimal.  Our clients have been very pleased with their results.

SmoothLase™ Benefits: 

  • No downtime, go about your daily routine immediately after treatment
  • No foreign substances
  • No radical changes
  • Healthy rejuvenation on the inside
  • Noticeable, gradual effect on the outside
  • Short in-office procedures
  • A natural process of creating new, more elastic, collagen which builds over time well past your treatment
  • Lifts and tightens skin around the mouth, face, chin, along the jawline, and under the eyes into a more youthful position
  • A nice alternative to surgery
  • No pre-treatment preparation
  • No post-treatment requirements or medications


How Does SmoothLase™ Treatment Feel? 

Comfort levels vary depending on the particular patient and the treatment location.  Generally, there may be some sensitivity, feeling of heat, towards the lip area since this area is loaded with nerves.  This is what stimulates the collagen growth.  Most areas of the face feel nothing to a little warmth, especially as treatment progresses throughout the session, while the laser energy is being delivered to each spot on the tissue.  There is an Erbium laser analgesia(numbing) effect.  Patients are typically feeling well and excited about the results to come at the end of treatments.  Any tingling, tenderness, or slight swelling of tissues (looks good) is also normal, mild and temporary in nature.  SmoothLase™ is cutting edge new technology, and the painless way to turn back the clock on Mother Nature! 


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