Root Canal Treatments: Debunking Harmful Myths

At the start of the year, Netflix started showing a documentary film called Root Cause. The documentary, which was directed by Frazer Bailey, an Australian filmmaker, makes a bold claim that root canals can result in cancer as well as other serious illnesses.

With input from holistic dental professionals, the documentary claims that bacteria will fester inside root canals as well as the hollow spaces that are left behind following the extraction of the tooth. These bacteria, along with other toxins, then move to vital organs along the meridian lines. This is a notion that traditional Chinese medicine that lacks adequate scientific evidence. From the meridian lines, the germs and toxins allegedly spread infection that result in cancer as well as additional illnesses.

Today, you will no longer find the documentary on Netflix. The company removed the film after facing significant backlash from the American Dental Association, American Association of Dental Research, and American Association of Endodontists. These organizations report that these claims hold no scientific basis at all and only work to cause harm to the audience by spreading misinformation regarding root canal treatments.

In general, misinformation can be incredibly damaging. However, when it comes to medical-related situation, this is particularly true. As your trusted dental professional here in San Antonio, Texas, we want to ensure that you have the most accurate information about root canal treatment by addressing harmful myths and debunking them.

Myth: Root Canals Result in Cancer as Well as Other Illnesses

During the 20s, research was presented by Dr. Weston Price that suggested bacteria accumulate within the branching canals or tubes in the dentin after a root canal. From there, they allegedly leak and result in chronic illnesses. In addition, as mentioned in the Root Cause film, traditional Chinese medicine believes the exact same.

However, studies that are backed by scientific evidence are against these beliefs. In addition, Dr. Price’s search is nearly 100 years old, so it lacks numerous aspects of modern research. In short, there isn’t any scientific evidence that links root canals to disease development within the body.

Myth: Root Canals Are Painful

Root canals have a reputation of being among the more painful endodontic procedures. More than likely, this is due to the fact that the procedure involves a hole being drilled into the infected tooth and then having the damaged pulp inside scraped away. Just hearing the sound of all that sounds painful, and if it wasn’t for modern medicine, it likely would be.

However, thanks to modern medicine like anesthetics and sedation dentistry, when you undergo the root canal procedure, you will not experience severe pain. Instead, the pain that you have due to the infected tooth will also be removed.

Myth: Pulling a Tooth Is Better Than Understanding Root Canals

It is likely that myth stemmed from the aforementioned research that was presented by Dr. Price. After claiming that chronic illnesses could result from root canals, he advocated from the extraction of teeth. However, this could be more traumatic for the gums.

The truth of the matter is that the best thing is to preserve your natural teeth. Next in line is to save and restore your natural teeth, which is the goal of a root canal.

When you are equipped with the facts regarding root canals, there is no reason to be afraid to undergo the treatment. In the end, you will wind up with improved oral health and be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy snacking on your favorite foods while watching reputable films on Netflix.

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