Teeth Whitening

How does zoom whitening work?

Zoom whitening uses a patented system of Zoom whitening gel combined with a laser to activate the gel’s whitening properties. The gel uses laser activated peroxide to break carbon bonds that stain your teeth. Broken carbon bonds lose their yellow appearance and allow the true white of your teeth to shine through.

What happens during a treatment?

We’ll start with an examination of your teeth and gums. We’ll talk about whether Zoom whitening is the best option for you. Once you’re ready to begin, your dentist will cover your teeth and gums with a preparation on your exposed teeth. The Zoom whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and the laser light will activate it. Your teeth will be treated by the laser in three sessions of fifteen minutes each. Your time in the chair will be about an hour.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Most people find zoom whitening painless. Some patients, especially those with sensitive teeth, report a little discomfort during the procedure. A fluoride gel that reduces sensitivity will be applied after the treatment to help with pain. Your dentist can also advise you on the use of over- the-counter painkillers if needed.

What aftercare will I need?

Aftercare for teeth whitening is largely done at home. After the initial whitening, maintenance will be in your hands. You can always come see us at Fountain of Youth Dental if you have concerns.

You’ll be given an aftercare and touch up kit to take home. The kit is easy to use and allows you to maintain your newly whitened teeth without having to schedule an appointment. Your aftercare kit contains custom trays and desensitizing gel that you can wear at home to reduce discomfort. You can also help your teeth rehydrate by drinking room temperature water and gently chewing sugar free gum. You will need to avoid tobacco products and consumables that could stain your teeth for 48 hours after your Zoom whitening. Examples include red or dark sauces, spinach, mustard, berries, cola and tea or coffee. The kit also contains Night White gel, which you apply to your custom trays and wear in the same way you wore your desensitizing gel. Wear your trays with Night White gel 1-2 hours a day for three days in a row. We can advise you how often to do touch-up home treatments.

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