Getting to Know the Basics of Laser Skin Tightening

Minimally invasive, laser skin tightening uses lasers to create tighter skin over time by heating the collagen inside the skin. Doing so kicks in the body’s natural processes to effectively heal itself. This procedure creates immediate results. And because there are no needles or cutting involved, the risks are low and no recovery period beyond an hour is needed. Throughout the months that follow treatment, skin will gradually tighten. To get the best possible results, typically up to 4 treatments spaced a month apart will be recommended.


How Can the Skin Tighten Using Just a Laser?

Skin becomes wrinkled because it loses its natural collagen supply. The heat from the laser is used to stimulate the remaining collagen and encourages more of it to grow. As new collagen starts to form and replace the collagen that has been lost through aging, the skin will gradually become softer and smoother. If you are searching for a natural way to achieve these kinds of results, laser skin tightening is the procedure you want. There is nothing more effective with such a low level of risk.

What is the Procedure Like? What to Expect

Prior to undergoing treatment, it is important to remove all makeup, creams, sunscreens, and any other facial care products. This will allow your doctor to apply a topical anaesthetic gel to the area to be treated. A light will then be applied to the skin, and pulses of laser energy will start to work on the skin. A session may last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, the length depends on the size of the area of skin being treated.

Every procedure is brief and virtually painless, allowing a patient to return to their normal activities immediately following completion of treatment. It also won’t leave any visible signs of treatment, unlike a chemical peel, which will leave a very visible red face. Though you may have some redness, this will fade quickly. The skin might feel warmer than normal, but this will also dissipate over a few hours.

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Laser skin tightening is popular because it is considered to be a better option than surgery, does not require the use of needles, and does not have a prolonged recovery period. If you lead a busy lifestyle and any of these three things are a concern, laser skin tightening is the recommended option and something that we would be happy to discuss with you. If you are looking for more information on how laser skin-tightening procedures work, please contact Dr. Cappetta at 210-614-5481. Speaking with one of Toronto’s top laser skin-tightening treatment specialists, Dr. Cappetta can provide a thorough skin assessment and can advise on the most appropriate treatment options for what you want to achieve.

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