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Dr. Chris Cappetta, DDS

Dentures San Antonio Tx

Enhance your oral health with our top quality dentures, a key step towards a brighter, healthier smile.

Turn Back Time for a Youthful Look!

Dr. Cappetta at Fountain of Youth Dental gets how important a young-looking smile is. You don’t have to lose your smile’s shine as you age.

Worried about missing teeth making you look older? Ready to get back a young, bright smile? Dr. Cappetta can help you get a confident, lively smile.

At Fountain of Youth Dental, we focus on giving you back a smile that makes you feel young and vibrant. Let Dr. Cappetta help you get a smile that takes years off your look.

A Beautiful Lasting Smile

Smile with Confidence!

Curious about how to enhance your smile? Let’s figure it out together! Take our quick dental quiz and let Dr. Chris Cappetta and the Fountain of Youth Dental team discover the perfect dental solutions for you. It’s the first step towards your brightest smile!

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Why Choose Dentures for Your Smile?

Dentures are a popular and effective solution for replacing missing teeth. They offer several key benefits:

  • Improved Function: They help you eat and speak better.
  • Better Appearance: Dentures enhance your smile.
  • Tailored Fit: Customized for comfort and security.
  • Cost-Effective: A more affordable option than other treatments.
  • Non-Surgical: Ideal for those preferring a non-invasive approach.

Choosing dentures means choosing a functional, aesthetic, and cost-effective way to restore your smile.

Types of Dentures

Dentures come in various types to suit different dental needs:

  • Complete Dentures: Replace all teeth, sitting on the gums. Available as conventional (post-healing) or immediate (right after tooth removal).
  • Partial Dentures: For those with some natural teeth. They fill gaps and may attach to existing teeth.
  • Overdentures: Sit over remaining teeth or implants for better stability.
  • Custom Dentures: Tailored for a natural look, closely matching your original teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Fixed onto dental implants for a secure, long-lasting fit.

Each type provides specific benefits, from comfort to improved aesthetics.

dentures,San Antonio Tx

New Smile, New You!

Getting dentures can make a big difference in your life. Think about how great it will feel to have a full, beautiful smile again. Dr. Cappetta is ready to help you find the right dentures, making sure they fit well and work great.

Picture your life after getting dentures: smiling without worry, eating what you like, and talking with ease. This is more than just fixing teeth; it’s about feeling like yourself again. Dr. Cappetta’s skill means you’re close to having a happier, more confident smile.

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How much do dentures cost?

The cost varies, but complete dentures can range from $600 to $2,500 for a set, while partials may cost between $300 to $1,500, depending on materials and complexity. Some dental insurances cover a portion of the cost.

How long do dentures last?

With proper care, dentures can last between 5 to 7 years before they may need to be replaced due to wear or fit changes.

Is it difficult to eat with dentures?

There’s an adjustment period, but most people adapt quickly and can eat normally. Starting with soft foods and practicing can help.

How do I care for my dentures?

Clean them daily with a soft brush and denture cleaner, soak them overnight in a denture solution, and handle them carefully to avoid damage.

What are the newest types of dentures?

The latest advancements in dentures include implant-supported dentures and digital dentures. Implant-supported dentures provide a more stable and comfortable fit by anchoring to dental implants placed in the jawbone.

Digital dentures are created using advanced CAD/CAM technology, ensuring a precise fit and faster production times. Both options offer improved comfort, functionality, and appearance compared to traditional dentures.

How What are implant dentures?

Implant dentures, constructed using materials like acrylic or porcelain, provide a dependable solution for restoring missing teeth. They offer the stability of dental implants, replicating natural tooth roots, and boast impressive durability compared to traditional dentures.

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