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Dr. Chris Cappetta, DDS

LipLase Laser Lip Plumping San Antonio Tx

Enhance your oral health with our top notch LipLase laser & Lip Plumping treatment, a key step towards a brighter, healthier smile.

Get Fuller Lips with Laser-Assisted Lip Plumping

Looking for fuller lips without the needles? Our laser-assisted lip plumping is the way to go – no pain, no downtime!

  • Using the Fotona Laser System: This cutting-edge laser not only increases lip size but also tightens the surrounding skin. It’s all about boosting collagen for that extra volume.
  • Why Choose Laser Plumping? As we age, our skin loses elasticity. This treatment targets those changes, especially around your lips, giving you a youthful, fuller look.
  • How It Works: The Fotona laser delivers heat energy to your lips and surrounding area. This tightens the skin and enhances your lips’ natural shape and volume. Plus, it stimulates collagen production for long-lasting effects.

So, if you’re dreaming of plumper lips with a natural look, our laser treatment might be just what you need. It’s quick, effective, and all about celebrating your beauty!

A Beautiful Lasting Smile

Smile with Confidence!

Curious about how to enhance your smile? Let’s figure it out together! Take our quick dental quiz and let Dr. Chris Cappetta and the Fountain of Youth Dental team discover the perfect dental solutions for you. It’s the first step towards your brightest smile!

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Experiencing Laser Lip Plumping Treatments

Wondering what it’s like to get laser lip plumping? It’s surprisingly simple and gentle!

  • No Numbing Required: The gentle Fotona Laser eliminates the need for numbing agents.
  • Fast and No Downtime: Complete the treatment in minutes and return to your day immediately.
  • Mild Warmth Post-Treatment: A slight heat sensation on the lips fades within an hour.

Experience a hassle-free, quick enhancement for your smile with our laser lip plumping!

LipLase Plumping Session: What to Expect

  • Book a Quick Appointment: Start with scheduling a short visit with us.
  • Fotona Laser Treatment: We use Fotona’s laser system to apply laser energy to your lips and surrounding skin.
  • Stimulates Collagen: This process boosts collagen production in your lips and the area around your mouth.
  • Treatment Frequency: Typically, it’s once a month for 3 months, then once every 3 months to maintain fullness.

Get ready for a swift, effective session that’s all about enhancing your smile!

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Top Reasons People Get Lip Plumping

People choose lip plumping for various reasons, each reflecting their personal or professional aspirations:

  • 12% for Dating Success: Many enhance their lips to boost appeal in the dating scene.
  • 19% Friend Influence: A significant portion follows friends’ footsteps in getting lip plumping.
  • 26% for Work Advancement: A quarter seek better professional image and workplace success.
  • 43% for Social Media: The majority aims to enhance their online appearance for social media.

These reasons underscore the varied influences driving the decision to opt for cosmetic enhancements.

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